Easytone Inch Loss Centre Facilities

Easytone is a small and cosy environment where you can exercise at your own pace and capabilities while receiving personal attention and encouragement from our friendly staff.

A place where you can unwind and meet new friends, whilst enjoying a complimentary coffee.

You will love the armchair comfort, graded intensity levels and smooth motorised performance that takes the stress and muscle soreness out of exercise.  Easytone is safe for all ages.  Your muscles and joints are exercised without any impact or stress.

It takes only 40 minutes per session to look and feel great
No special shoes or clothes required, come as you are
Friendly atmosphere with qualified staff on hand
Relaxation area to enjoy coffee whilst making friends

So Easy, So Simple, So Cost Effective!

Whatever you age, weight or fitness level Easytone will shape you up and help roll back the years!....

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Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday     8.30am-9pm
Saturday    9am-3pm
Sunday    9am-1.30pm